September 2014

Join the TUC’s Britain Needs A Pay Rise, March and Rally, Saturday 18th October 2014

The NUT strongly supports the TUC’s demo calling for everyone to get a fairer share of the recovery. After years of pay freezes, and increased pension contributions, teachers will be almost 15% worse off in real terms under this government. Further details on the March and rally on Saturday 18th October 2014 will be posted here as [...]

Reps update inc performance management, appeals, consultation & training

Norfolk NUT is preparing for a busy year. One key area will be pay progression. This year will be the first when pay progression for all teachers will depend on appraisal outcomes and criteria set by schools. Being aware of how the pay progression system works, and taking action to challenge pay policies collectively or appeal [...]

Info for Young Teachers inc Students and NQTs

Welcome to Norfolk and welcome to Norfolk NUT.Please introduce yourself to your school NUT Rep. We will get an some useful information to you ASAP We are available for advice and support. Moreover we host many events over the year. Please join us: 26th Sept     NQT Social event @ Vodka Revolution 10th Oct [...]