May 2015

Norfolk People’s Assembly Anti-Cuts Rally

At 12 noon on the 30th of May, hundreds of ordinary people will gather in Norwich’s Haymarket, as the Norfolk People’s Assembly hosts the local wing of a national day of action against the new Conservative majority government, after the general election earlier this month. We at the People’s Assembly are steadfastly opposed to the [...]

Downham Dinner in Dereham 11 June with Max Hyde

We have the Downham Dinner in Dereham @ The George Pub, Dereham on Thurs 11th June at 7pm. Free food with free drinks.  Joining us will be Max Hyde. Max was last years National Vice President who gave an amazing speech at the Brighton Conference. She has been a teacher of Physics and Chemistry since 1977. Max was part of the national STEM Equality & Diversity Group and works [...]

Marking Guidance – Union pressure forces further concessions from Ofsted

Union pressure has forced further concessions from Ofsted in the form of a revised ‘Clarifications' document providing further clarity on Ofsted expectations around marking and feedback to pupils. The revised document states that: "Pupils' Work Ofsted does not expect to see a particular frequency or quantity of work in pupils' books or folders. Ofsted recognises that the amount of [...]

Summer Social