September 2017

NEU/NUT Trainees, NQTs &Young Teachers Social @ Vodka Revolution 29 Sept

Norfolk NEU/NUT is hosting an event for all Trainees, NQTs and Young Teachers with a free welcome drink and buffet available Upstairs @ Vodka Revolution, Tombland, Norwich.    Please join us from 6.30pm till 9pm (food at 7pm) on Friday 29th September and feel free to bring along a colleague, NUT or not, friend or partner for support. We would like to meet you and find [...] – Norfolk NUT/NEU conditions comparison website

We have launched our new website  With more teachers leaving the profession and fewer teacher trainees, recruiting and retaining teachers is more important than ever. Norfolk National Education Union (NEU), NUT Branch, understand conditions of service to be crucial to a teacher choosing and staying at a school. We are lucky in Norfolk, we have [...]